Silent Leaf
Vital statistics
Status alive
Caste night
Iconic Anima The Solar seems completely covered by golden metal while thousands of golden throwing weapons seem to whirl around her
Age 25
Affiliation Independent
Position Independent
Occupation Assassin
Physical attributes
Height 1.75
Weight 60kg
Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Mental attributes
Limit Trigger The Solar is denied a favorite pleasure or vice, either by circumstance, another character, or his own decisions.

Meta Knowledge
Played by TDS

Silent Leaf is a Night Caste Assassin and sorceress active in Lathe.


Leaf spent many years first as a spy and then as an assassin in the Realm City of Arjuf. One day, she stole secret demon lore from a yozi cult she worked for. Determined to use every tool available to her, she started her study of the knowledge she stole, supplementing it with more stolen scrolls from realm and private libraries. Her interest was noticed and she was approached by a demon in her dreams. She made a pact with the creature in exchange for sorcery. Using her newfound powers, she started her own organisation. Part yozi cult, as payment for her patron, part gang, to make her as much money as possible. But she got too greedy and the Immaculate Order decided to root out her cult. In a single night, all her safehouses and hideouts were hit with brutal force, elite guards and summoned demons alike slaughtered before they could even fight back, the work of years destroyed in moments. She herself exalted when sneak-attacking the men sent to arrest her. She decided to leave the Blessed Isles as far behind as possible and took the first ship going west, making a stop in Lathe, where she knows an old business contact.

Actions so farEdit

After arriving in Lathe, Silent Leaf lived with Nyumetsu for a while, doing jobs together with the assassin and teaching him sorcery. She also has contact with the local Guild Factor and fae-blooded Adhyasa, agreeing to help him acquire three Daiklaves so he can destroy the fae court of his mother. So far, she stole a Daiklave from Cynis Siru during a Casino opening.