Player CharactersEdit

Deceased Player Characters Edit

  • The Prince of Dancing Blades (Formerly played by Alany)

Non-Player CharactersEdit

  • Old Chui, owner of flamepiece shop The Powder Flask.
  • Foshoro, the shark man owner of Little Dreams, inn/secret gambling den.
  • The Dealer, works in Little Dreams and seems to hand out some shady jobs.
  • High Aruspex Nellens Juuka
  • High Priestess Mistral of the Immaculate Order
  • Captain Nellens "Little Spume" Tomo
  • Jagamaru, Tiger of Lathe
  • Cathak Ogata, The Satrap
  • Gale, peasant-sorcerer
  • Nellens "Little Spume" Tomo, dynast of the Imperial Navy
  • Adhyasa, Guild Factor
  • Cinderlock, the Jadesmith
  • Cynis Siru, daughter of the Alembic's leader, sadistic tendencies?

Deceased Non-Player Characters Edit