Character Generation

  • Solars use the standard Solar character generation and start at Essence 1.
  • Mortal characters gain 30 XP to be used after standard mortal character generation. This does mean that it is possible to Exalt at a higher Essence rating than 1 to give players incentive to play mortal characters.
  • Other Exalted types cannot be applied for before their splatbooks have been released.
  • Merits 4+ (except Martial Artist) require an explanation and approval from STs.
  • Specialties and Intimacies may be vetoed if they are considered too broad, silly or problematic.
  • All magical possessions are unique items and thus require a description and details of their origin at the very least. These notes are what you’ll be referring to when you’re trying to get Evocations approved. All the existing sample artifacts are already in the world and theoretically recoverable. For example, Satrap Cathak Ogata is known for his prowess with the legendary daiklave Volcano Cutter.
  • On custom mechanics such as Artifacts, Evocations, Thaumaturgy, Shaping Rituals and associated Merits, give us a general outline of what you have in mind. Our STs will work the mechanical details together with you.
  • Everything of extraordinary note in the character sheet should be referred to in the character’s background. If the only reference to your sword is “artifact 3 soulsteel reaper daiklave” in parentheses after your Artifact merit, you’re not going to get it approved.
  • You do not have to write a hundred pages of background information. We care more about your character’s personality and goals than their past when we’re reading applications.

To clarify, here are some good guidelines:

  • Two paragraphs of backstory and history, each five to seven sentences long.
  • Two paragraphs on personality, appearance, goals, intimacies, quirks and so on.
  • At least one paragraph on each artifact, with its intended thematics, function and a bit of history.