Respect your fellow players and staff. We’re all here to have fun together.

Consider twice before engaging in conflict with other characters. There will likely be consequences from both players and NPCs unless you’re extremely good at hiding your tracks. Pissing people off is a very good way to get your own character killed.

Do not metagame. This game assumes heavy transparency between players and staff, so if your character starts acting on knowledge the player has but the character doesn’t, expect a nasty intervention. Do not lie out-of-character about in-game or mechanical details. If there are hidden information charms you want to use, inform a ST about them.

Don’t grief. If you go to lengths to try and make some other character’s miserable for no in-character reason, expect that character to get some angry friends. Similarly, if you plan on using God-King’s Shrike to blow the entire place up straight out of character generation, expect Sidereal assassins before the necessary week of research is completed.

The Red Rule applies. If a player doesn’t want their character seduced, they can simply say so out of character. If it requires narrative explanation to make sense, STs can intervene.

Mature themes can be explored, but make sure other players consent. Do not engage in descriptive torture, sex or equivalent in highly populated areas just for shock value.

Remember to have fun. If you are getting overtly emotional over a game, it is time to take a step away from the computer and take a breather.

Thank you.